Drive Strategic Outcomes With Technology

Stop wasting your budget and time on
random acts of digital. Get it right with a strategic roadmap

Digital roadmapping is a strategic planning activity that works at any stage. It aligns strategic outcomes with the right and built for purpose technology roll-out.

Digital Roadmapping Phases

Set up your digital transformation for success

Companies that are proactive on technology buy or build end up spending 5X less on their digital initiatives and quicken their ROI

Start with Roadmapping to unburden your internal team & stop codifying bad processes. Align technologies with your overarching business objectives.

Roadmapping sets you up to track the right metrics and key results. So you can be more agile and quickly course correct when needed.

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Modestack's unique approach to digital roadmapping will get your digital on track. Each package is tailored to different size businesses; the best package for your business will be determined by your strategy and the current stage of your digital. If you are not sure of the right package to choose, Contact Us

Tech Assesmet
Internal Resources Assessment
Process Evalution
Everything in SILVER
Stratagic Objective Prioritization
Tech Initiatives alignment
Eveything in GOLD
Roadmap Schedules
Roadmap Outcome metrics


  • Strategic Outcome Prioritization
  • Processes & Operation Evaluation
  • Initiative Alignment


Internal IT teams spend the majority of their efforts supporting business as usual operations. Strategic planning requires out of the box and innovative thinking. Otherwise, technology ends up codifying bad processes and makes them impossible to change. Internal IT team’s efforts get better aligned when the digital roadmap points to the Northstar of your company’s overarching business objectives.

When you have existing systems that are already being utilized roadmapping can help determine how aligned your current digital systems are with your strategic objectives and enable you to see the course corrections you have to make. At the early stage of the digital journey, it sets up your digital transformation initiatives on the right path to produce outcomes and ROI.

It depends. What did you hire the Director to do? Directors are mostly hired to bring in efficiencies in digital delivery and smoothness in execution. Their primary job objectives revolve around the day to day. Strategic initiatives are however outside the day to day and are oriented towards growth, changing environments and disruption.

Roadmaps have a lifespan of one quarter. Executive committees and the board meet every quarter to review and course correct strategy. When digital roadmaps are not reviewed and updated to reflect business strategy. Technology gets out of sync and ends up costing more and takes longer to produce ROI.

If you have a growth imperative then technology is involved. It doesn’t if you’re in the business of selling services or physical products, digital capabilities are essential for sales enablement, customer engagement, operational efficiencies. Without digital companies face the existential question of a very slow and painful death.

Yes. The realization of the role of technology in business growth and innovation. Secondly, Understanding the benefits of a cohesive and well integrated technology stack that can affect growth outcomes. Finally, seeing technology as a ROI driven value provider.

When you have legacy tech, you are accruing technical debt. Technical debt has an exponential increase in cost to deliver the ever declining value it provides. Digital roadmapping will benefit you the most to stop the bleed and find the best ways to budget for a course correction.

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