The MODESTACK Development Process

The Digital Lifecycle

Support & Maintenance

MODESTACK keeps your app up to date, mitigating potential software vulnerabilities, fixing bugs, and applying insights from analytics to improve your app’s user experience and functionality.

Prevent & Correct

Platform Updates
Site Reliability Engineering
Third-Party Library Updates
Backup Strategy
Cloud Cost Optimization
Software Failures & Bug Resolution

Measure & Improve

App Analytics
Learn Insights
UI/UX Improvements
Supporting New Features
Product Alignment
Product Integration

Your MODESTACK Support Staff

MODESTACK is committed to making your software development experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Every aspect of the project is covered with a dedicated staff member at your service.

Chief Solutions Architect

Our chief solutions architect functions as the chief innovation and technology officer for your team.  In concert with stakeholders, he defines then guides key business outcomes. He shapes and directs the digital initiative to accomplish the defined goals.  He will also produce a pragmatic roadmap of the initiative itself so the right solutions are delivered at the right time.

Technical Lead

Our technical leads take direction from our chief solutions architect and create the framework for the delivery of the software.  Working with the customer leaders and managers they produce data models, data integration solutions and establish the delivery model for web, mobile and API.  They are readily available to handle any issues that can derail delivery or affect LIVE environments.

Project Manager

Our project managers help keep the rhythm of the project delivery. They facilitate communication between customer leaders and the technical leadership at MODESTACK.  They are responsible for developing a cadence for the project, track metrics on delivery and cascade meaningful reports to our partners.