Improv Mindset to Build Great Teams with Bruce and Gail Montgomery at ExperienceYes

Welcome to the latest episode of Get in the Mode. Today we’re talking to Bruce and Gail Montgomery, who are respectively the President and CEO of ExperienceYes — a company that uses the principles of improv to help companies grow, innovate, and connect with each other more successfully.

Gail shares her background as a singer, dancer, and actress and how this led her to where she is today, and Bruce shares his experience in IT and what caused him to start studying the value of improv in business.

The two discuss their book, The Improv Mindset, and we chat about what the improv mindset means and why it’s so valuable for businesses. Bruce talks about some of the scientific findings around improv, what happens in the brain when we improvise, and how companies can learn and benefit from this.

We also cover the importance of creating a positive and rewarding culture for employees; the concept of followership and why it’s so important for companies; emotional intelligence and how to build it through improv; and some improv-based activities companies can use. Finally, Bruce and Gail share their experiences running workshops at conferences and other large events.


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