We treat every client as a partner, placing a priority on transparency and integrity above all else.


We empower leaders to meet technological challenges with confidence and ownership.


We seek, always, to make a measurable impact through well-applied expertise and innovation.


Support & DevOps

Collaboration Champions

We like making friends. Anyone who doesn’t like partnering with people just isn’t doing it right. Working together towards great purpose. Sharing challenges and successes. Empowering one another to achieve new heights. What’s not to love?


Legacy Systems Migration

Freedom & Fulfillment

We like freedom. Agency. The ability to point in a direction, say to yourself, “that’s the way I want to go,” and then go there. Even better is equipping our partners to achieve and sustain that freedom for themselves. Let’s clear away the clutter. Make room for what’s next.


MVP Jumpstart

Make It Happen

We like ideas. We like seeing them in action – making a real difference for your business – even more. Partnering with you to design and build a sustainable solution. The right solution. Focusing effort, time and money on measurable results: your key business outcomes. That’s the MOBILE-DI way.


So what's it like to work with us?

Our core values drive every aspect of how we work. MODESTACK has a life-tested process that empowers each and every one of our partners to create the greatest impact.


David Jitendranath

Chief Innovation Officer & Founder

David is the founder and chief innovation and technology officer at MODESTACK. His background is in leading digital strategies, enterprise solutions architecture and SaaS product engineering. He strongly believes that technology should enable and empower us as humans.

David rides his motorcycle and enjoys fly fishing in his free time.

Prakash Chettri

Technical Lead

With years of experience in development across many technologies, Prakash guides the development team to ensure smooth product delivery. He is a firm believer in the adage: “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”

In his free time he can be found on Reddit, or with his console playing God of War or GTA.

Melody Orellana

Junior Project Manager

Melody coordinates and manages each project to provide a smooth execution. Her experience is largely based on customer service, administration and fun fact- Video production. She focuses her day-to-day life on staying positive and being a hard worker.

You can find her binging the latest Tv Show/Film out there as well discovering new adventures in life to experience.

Bill Catlin

Technical Lead

Bill is a full-stack web and mobile developer who contributes on countless projects for both public and private sector organizations.  He’s passionate about the progression of cloud-based applications, and their ability to enhance our lives.

He enjoys Colorado’s many outdoor activities including hiking, skiing and biking.