Our company was approached by several folks in the community that were asking us advice on how to manage data plans better by understanding how Apps consume data on their data plans. The concept DataTrendz of came to us while we were looking at myriad of supposedly useful data manager mobile apps for Android.
Each of these Apps were lacking good reporting that truly showed data usage over a period. Also, some of these Apps were selling personal data of App users that they were collecting through their data manager App.

The Vision

When our company identified the gaps in the Apps available in the Google play store. The real value that would benefit the community would be an App that showed in a quick glance the top 5 and top 10 consumers of data on the mobile phone. In addition to this, to notify with a push message when the user exceeds a certain percentage of usage of his data plan.
With this, we created a UI design and a prototype that we circulated with the folks in the community. Our team also understood the complexity of such a venture since over time the data that we collect to show users their usage would be least in Terabytes per user.


The prototype was well received and the only question that the folks in our community had was. When will this App be available in the App store?
Our team built a native Android App using some of the cutting edge technologies for our backend to store Big Data. The Big Data NoSQL stacks were some of the critical pieces to building the App. The App’s data usage calculation algorithm worked flawlessly with Terabytes of data that we ran it against. We also added the value added feature of top 5, top 10 charts with Pareto information for a subscription with In-App pay for $0.99/Year.

The Reality

Today DataTrendz is a 4.5+ star rated App in the google play store with users from all over the world. The App has more than 500 subscriptions for the value added features. We have been adding analytics and user engagement features to continually improve the App based on user interaction and feedback.

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