The founders of Djour came to us with a unique problem of matching restaurateurs with foodies.
The restaurateurs did not have a direct way of connecting with foodies in their neighbourhood. Similarly the foodies did not have an easy way of finding deals for local restaurants in their neighbourhood. Restaurateurs felt like social media ads and digital marketing required a lot of effort and were not producing the results they wanted since they were not driving the local foodie traffic to their restaurants.

The Vision

The dream was to match the restauranteurs with local foodies on a platform where they could both easily and efficiently communicate with each other. Having our thumb on the pulse of the tech startup community here in Denver, we knew all too well it was prudent to test the idea before building on it.
So, our team of highly skilled UX/UI designers created a prototype that worked as a proof of concept for the targeted market. This enabled the Djour founders to pressure-test the market for viability of the solution without having to expend cost and effort on developing the platform.
The founders of Djour appreciated our strategic efforts in leading them towards the proof that the idea works prior to building the platform. They felt empowered to nimbly test the idea with a working prototype.


The prototype generated a lot of interest, and the founders of Djour were now fully convinced that we would deliver a platform that connects foodies with restauranteurs. Our fine team at ModeStack dove right into building Djour.
Our team built a native iPhone App with a beautiful user interface that allows foodies to use their mobile device for browsing neighbourhood restaurant deals. On the other side, we enabled restauranteurs with an easy to use web application to post real time deals along with enticing pictures of entrees. Another perk: restauranteurs found Djour less time-consuming and more efficient to plan and post scheduled deals than the usual online marketing methods.

The Reality

Today Djour is a successful and rapidly growing App in the Apple store with great reviews. It has immensely helped the Denver restaurateurs to connect with foodies and invite them to their restaurants without an expensive and time-consuming social media strategy.

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