Task Management for Parents

Task Management for Parents is a mobile app that incentivizes children to complete household tasks by providing them with rewards. The original product was developed without a UX design phase, which resulted in major usability issues. ModeStack was asked to improve the product’s user experience in order to increase the existing user base.

UX/UI Audit

Our process began with a UX/UI audit of the existing product. After identifying the key user flows, we determined the pain points in each one. We re-examined the app’s information architecture and user interface patterns in order to create a more intuitive platform. This process included the annotation of every screen in the app.

Competitive Analysis

We performed a competitive analysis of similar products on the market and identified their strengths and weaknesses in terms of usability. This enabled us to move forward with the app’s redesign.

Wireframe Sketches

We turned to good old pen and paper to begin the process of designing updated screens for Task Management for Parents. This approach allowed us to quickly visualize possible screen designs and map out new user flows.


The sketches were used to create digital wireframes that illustrated our suggestions for the product’s improvement. Our high-level recommendations were as follows:

  • Revise the sign up process
  • Update the navigation system
  • Revise the add task process
  • Update the messaging system
  • Update the color palette/add illustrations

Each of these was illustrated more specifically with a wireframe user flow.


Along with the aforementioned recommendations, our final proposal consisted of a few high-fidelity screens. These screens feature an updated, more modern user interface design geared toward a slightly older audience than the original app.


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