How many softwares are you subscribed to? Now, how many of those softwares work with each other? Are any of those subscriptions live just so another subscription can work fully in your organization? SaaS offerings provide great value, but can accidentally set you on the course to fall into a great trap. Here’s how it works: The goal of SaaS companies is to increase user acquisition, which means widing the use of their product to earn a share of the ever more competitive slice of business pie. To do this, they develop features that appeal to more uses. You subscribe because it fits your use case, but as you use it more you find it doesn’t quite fit what you’re doing perfectly, but you stick with it. You begin to see bottle necks or draw backs in your solution, so you do a little research and find a little SaaS offering that can fill in the gaps. You subscribe, and you’re on your way to fix the gap. You implement the software, get to work, and start realizing that it isn’t quite right. Wash, rinse, repeat. You’re in a cycle of SaaS hell.

This is no fault of the SaaS companies, but instead, is the result of hot competition. Don’t let technology get in the way of your growth by falling into a SaaS hell trap. We think there is a better way.