Ah, the old “build it or buy it” conundrum.

We completely understand, getting in and out as fast (and for as little cost) as possible sounds great. Especially if you plan to start making money with your app sooner than later, right? And this method may work – at first. Eventually, however, most companies realize that their apps simply require too much of their attention, and can’t grow or adapt at the speed of their needs.

Buyer beware.

It’s a painful lesson to learn firsthand, app development just isn’t best when it comes prebuilt. Here are four crucial concerns to consider when deciding whether or not to go with a custom app developer for your next project:

The Ability to Customize


Bespoke is a nice word, and an even better concept. It says that what you’re getting is made to fit you, precisely. Something designed and crafted not only for your preferences, but for your unique needs.

Prebuilt apps are fast for a reason: They’re meant to address the averaged needs of many. As a result, they don’t allow for time to buildout (or custom-fit) the crucial features and options that are most relevant to your business. And it’s your attention- your vision that will set you apart from the thousands upon thousands of cookie-cutter apps on the market.

The ability to customize your app empowers you to craft the exact user experience you envision, yielding the results and growth that your business needs.

API Integration


An Application Programming Interface (API) is how two different applications or softwares interact with one another. With prebuilt apps, there is usually limited (or non-existent) API capability, which consequently results in an inability to integrate across various networks.

Why does this matter? Users prefer apps that can seamlessly connect and work with other platforms they’re on. Apps that don’t disrupt their concentration or workflow. When two or more apps can meaningfully integrate and complement their respective features, your user’s experience is elevated.

No app is an island.

Schedule: Who's Driving this Thing?


Prebuilt apps tend to be updated on a continuous basis. Software developers work consistently to ensure that bugs or kinks are worked out. Or as new features are introduced. That doesn’t sound half-bad, except that you’re at the mercy of their priorities. Their schedule.

These updates can often introduce issues that impact speed and security, or even critical features. Issues that affect your customers’ experience and privacy. Issues you won’t be equipped to explain or solve directly. This will directly impact your relationships and reputation.

With a custom app developer, your software develops how you want, when you want. On your schedule and aligned with your strategy.

Your Business Moves at the Speed of You


Customization? Check.
Integration? Check.
Flexibility? Check.

It almost seems as if those would be enough on their own to make the argument for going with a custom app developer. But there’s one thing that we respect and value above everything else:

Your time.

Business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves pulled in a variety of directions on a daily basis. From open-of-business to (if you’re anything like us) well after the sun sets, there’s no shortage of distractions standing between you and an efficient, productive day. Your time is the most valuable resource you have, and it should only be going to the things that absolutely require your attention.

Prebuilt applications will inevitably monopolize that time – as well as your money, energy and creativity as you attempt to wrangle their “one size fits all” features to meet your unique needs. Instead you can partner with experts, proficient at designing and delivering the custom product your company needs. In doing so, you leave yourself open to invest your time in the tasks that you enjoy and excel in. The ones that generate income and grow your business.

Enter Your Custom App Developer


Prebuilt apps can admittedly fit some short-term objectives. Yeah, we said it. But when truly looking for quality, customization and control – a custom app developer is the only way to go. Modestack can partner with your company to provide exactly what it needs without compromising features, preferences, or security to get the job done.

We focus on our work, so you can focus on yours.

Next time you begin to tackle the question of how to make an app, ask yourself this one instead: Do you want it done right now, or do you want it done right?