Digital Transformation is more than just technology and strategy. Transformative digital initiatives prosper or perish by the way humans interact with them, and what impact they have on humans. Do you have a strategy to manage the human impact of your digital transformation strategy?

Now, more than ever, our industry must face the challenges of remaining agile and transformative while remaining good humans and stewards of a better world. We must address the challenges of Re-Skilling and Hiring, integrating technology into the Human Resources field, and addressing the mental health challenges that accompany a changing economy and transforming technologies.

To address the Human Side of Digital transformation, we’ve assembled a panel of amazing people, all of which bring a unique set of expertise in both technology and people. We’re proud to host, and introduce you to:

Dr. Wes Williams – Vice President and CIO of Mental Health Center of Denver, and licensed psychologist.

Allison Kane – Former VP of Product at DHI group, a leading provider of career marketplaces including the popular tech hiring site,

LaCoya Shelton – Founder and CEO of Revolutionary HR Consulting, and the former Vice Chancellor for Human Resources of Maricopa County Community Colleges.

4:00-4:05 Attendees joining
4:05-4:10 Introduction to the topic
4:10-4:40, Panel Discussion
4:40-4:55, Q&A
4:55-5:00, Closing remarks, summary, and next steps.
5:00 – onward, Open networking and group chat with your fellow members!

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