How do you successfully execute an innovation goal? We all know how innovation has to produce outcomes, drive revenue growth and create digital assets.

When we start instituting a mindset of innovation, we often find ourselves running into a brick wall due to barriers such as company culture, stakeholder interests, team dynamics and politics.

This may lead to technologists practicing armchair innovation. Lack of action oriented, productive and meaningful solutions can be frustrating. So how do you avoid this? 

Here are some practices you can follow so your team can drive outcomes with innovation.

Experiment with PoCs and PoVs

Proof of Concept (PoC) is the most efficient way to get firm answers. Proof of concept is a great way to create a prototype or model. It answers the question, will this work? 

Proof of Value (PoV) answers the question, is this valuable to the business? It answers the value of outcome from the prototype.

Execute Projects within Innovation Labs

Create a safe environment where teams can experiment fast and evaluate results so you can make effective decisions. They help create innovative teams and also provide long term sustainability.

Drive Outcomes with Technical Project Management

Never underestimate the new role of project management in outcome-driven innovation. A critical competency required for project managers who drive innovation projects is playing the role of a coach.

Innovation project managers will have to guide, integrate, connect the dots and create opportunities for the enhanced and continual exchange of ideas.

These project managers often have to be technical to create a coherent solution that doesn’t create siloed architecture with rogue innovation.

At Modestack we help Identify what projects are good for PoCs and which ones are best suited for PoVs.  If that is something you are interested in evaluating.  Book a call by clicking the button below.