Innovation in Aviation with Brian Cobb from CVG Airport

In this episode of the Get in the Mode podcast, we’re talking to Brian Cobb—Chief Innovation Officer at CVG, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and VP of Customer Experience at Kenton County Airport Board, Operator of the CVG Airport. Brian is here to talk about his experiences as a leader of innovation at such a large and complex organization.

Brian talks about the overall initiatives and strategies he uses and how they’re categorized. We talk about the importance of airports having their own brand and the kinds of revenue-generation initiatives they need to use.

We discuss how regulation has changed in the airport industry over the 30 years that Brian has been there and also how the rise of data has impacted daily operations. We talk about the concept of digital twin and what it means for aviation.

We also dive into the role of Chief Innovation Officer, something Brian has been doing for several years, and how it works. What are the challenges involved in building and implementing a culture of innovation? Finally, Brian shares some advice for other Chief Innovation Officers.

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