The Life of a CX Leader with Jen Jackson from Dialpad

In this episode of the Get in the Mode podcast, we’re talking to Jen Jackson. Jen is Vice President of Customer Experience at Dialpad and is here to talk about customer service, the value of customer experience, and what she’s learned throughout her career.

Jen talks about her work with Dialpad and what the company does, and the importance of customer experience. Where have customer experience teams focused in the past, and where does Dialpad focus? Jen explains how a customer experience (CX) assessment works and how she’s done it before.

We talk about how customer experience officers work with CIOs and CTOs, and Jen shares some advice for other CX officers. We dive into some of the specific KPIs and OKRs that CX officers should focus on. Finally, Jen tells us some of the skills that CX officers should develop in order to succeed.

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