Lessons from a CTO with Ketan Vanjara from Berkadia

Welcome to the Get in the Mode podcast. In this episode, we’ll be talking to Ketan Vanjara, CTO and Enterprise Coach at Berkadia. Ketan is here to talk all about Berkadia and the lessons he has learned as a CTO.

Ketan talks about his background working at companies like Microsoft and HSBC and what led him to Berkadia. He explains Berkadia’s values and culture, why they’re so important, and how collaboration works inside the company. We also talk about the various stages companies go through, from enabler to disruptor, and where C-suite decision-makers get involved at each stage.

We talk about the role technology has played as a disruptor in business and the importance of data and AI. When is it time to hire a data officer? Ketan talks about how CTOs can navigate the cost of ongoing maintenance and innovation, and how to deal with challenges like technical debt and decommissioning legacy tech, along with how to communicate these issues to CEOs.

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